Umbraco meetup in CPH

APRIL 12 2010

Yes, it's time for an Umbraco meet-up in CPH! It seems that the Umbraco community is more on fire now then ever before, and the UK gang is setting the bar high for community meet-ups (one day I'll have to stop by and drink a beer with you guys). The danish community is however a bit more quite or just too busy making excellent solutions for an ever growing install base. So now is the time for the danish Umbraco cell to become a bit more active :-) I haven't seen or heard of a meet-up in CPH aside from the feb 16. event and CG09 and the upcoming CG10, so here it is.

On May the 3rd we will meet up for a preliminary Umbraco meet-up. The agenda is still a work in progress, but I have been brainstorming with Jesper Ordrup and here is what we have come up with:

  • First order of business: What do you expect from an Umbraco meet-up, and what you like to see happen at future meet-ups
  • Umbraco interest group
  • The need for workshops - skills needed for Umbraco 5 or other things umbraco

Suggestions are more then welcome, so send me your thoughts via twitter or email:

The meet-up will take place at Codehouse, which is located on Amerikavej 15b, 1.floor, 1756 Copenhagen V. from 16.00hs to whenever the last man leaves, which will probably be me since I have to lock up.

Codehouse will sponsor drinks and sandwiches, so please let me know if you are coming - sign-up on

I hope to see you there

Meetup Umbraco


Niels Hartvig
Niels Hartvig 15 Apr, 2010 12:54 PM
Bugger - I'm going to miss this as I'm in Philly, US. I'll join you next time! I'll make sure to get it promoted via the location services on Our!
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