Time for another CPH meet-up

AUGUST 15 2010

Vacation time is over, so back to work or even better ... Back to Umbraco development. It has been a couple of months since CG10 and even longer since the last CPH meet up, so I thought it was about time for another Umbraco meet up in Copenhagen.

Agenda for the meet up is open for suggestions, so please feel free to contact me with possible topics. To get us started I have a couple of suggestions for topics of discussion and an idea that I have been playing with during the summer.

Following one of the announcements from CG10: "Umbraco Market", I thought it would be interesting to hear what kind of plugins or extensions you would like to see in there and what your expections are.

Staying on the CG10 theme it might be interesting to hear what the rest of you thought of the CG10 sessions, and for those that didn't attend we can share experiences and knowledge :-) I for one would like to hear from people who had a chance to attend Aaron's Linq2Umbraco session and Christians Xslt session, which I unfortunately didn't get chance to attend.

Finally, during the summer I have been planning an "Umbraco Community Day" with some help from Søren Spelling Lund that I would like to talk with you about as well. It will probably be very similar to the "Umbraco UK Festival" in London, but will of course be held in CPH. So if you aren't planning on going to London we will have an excellent Umbraco event for you here in Denmark later this year.

I hope that you will join me and other Umbracians Thursday in week 38 (the 23rd of September) for another Umbraco meet up in Copenhagen. For now the location will be the Codehouse office in CPH.V. but it might be moved depending on how many want to attend. Sign-up via our umbraco: http://our.umbraco.org/events/copenhagen-meet-up

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