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APRIL 08 2011

This blog is run by me :-) Morten Christensen

I work for Umbraco HQ with a primary focus on Windows Azure and Umbraco.

I have a Masters in Business Administration and Computer Science from Copenhagen Business School. I wrote a thesis about the perception of Server Virtualization in Danish Companies, which turned out pretty good :-) Through my studies I have tried to pick topics related to software development and have thus attended courses like Agile Methods and System Development in Practice. Now that I'm done with my studies I'm still trying to learn new stuff and become a better developer and architect. My current interests are Domain Driven Design and C# design patterns, which I'm still trying to master (always eager to learn new things) - while building great stuff for Umbraco! An interest that earn me the title "Best Package for Umbraco" at CodeGarden'09 for my Google Analytics for Umbraco package, and second prize at CodeGarden'11 for my Optimize It package. A great honor that I'm very excited about.

If you have a project, solution or problem that you want to discuss with me you are always welcome to get in touch. Drop me a comment or an email...

Or connect via LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mortenchr

Or via twitter: twitter.com/sitereactor

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