Google Analytics for Umbraco

APRIL 25 2011

Google Analytics plug-in for Umbraco CMS - current version 1.0.7.

Analytics for Umbraco CMS is a plug-in that enables you to access and utilize all the features from your Google Analytics account from within your content management system. Basically, what you get is Google Analytics integrated into your Umbraco CMS.

Installing this plug-in adds a new section to the Umbraco backend, which gives you access to your google analytics statistics in form of some standard reports (out of the box). You also have the ability to create your own reports from the metrics and dimensions, which are available through the Google Analytics API.

This new version (v.1.0.6 and newer) also gives you the ability to change between your different Analytics Profiles and remove Profiles from the Accounts-node so Editors only have access to the Profiles you give them access to.

Installing this plug-in also adds a Google Analytics Data Type, so you can add page specific analytics data to your content nodes.

The charts are currently generated using FusionCharts Free and Google Chart API. Charttypes, which are currently supported are: Singleline Chart, Pie Chart (2D & 3D) and a Text Table.

This package comes prefilled with 32 standard reports, and a report that can be used when including the Data Type on your Document Types to view page specific analytics data. The account section loads all profiles available via the supplied credentials.

Version 1.0.6 was released on feb.26th. and was very well received. The installer was updated a couple of days later, so current version is 1.0.7.

Current features include:

  • 32 Standard Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Data Type (choose any report)
  • Switch between multiple profiles for accounts available through credentials (google account)
  • Flash Charts based on Fusion Chart Free (Single line-, 2D & 3D Pie- and Bar charts)
  • Static Charts for summary views (based on Google Charts API)
  • Tables for viewing things like Content by Visits, Browser types, version etc.
  • Sorting of reports (Umbraco tree)
  • Sorting of charts within a report
  • Editing of existing charts within a report
  • Delete charts from a report
  • Delete reports
  • Change icons for reports in tree

Here are links to the 10 teasers, which I created during the last 10 days of development:

Installing the Package: Accounts & Profiles: Editing Reports: and Data Type: and Sorting Reports: Changing Icons: Custom Reports:

I hope you find this package useful! I really enjoyed making it, and thanks for all the wonderful feedback!

Legal Notice: This plugin uses ClientLogin authentication. Your Google Analytics credentials are saved to the web.config file upon installation. Accounts and Profiles information is stored in a local xml-file, and the list of accounts and profiles can be edited to only show selected profiles. No analytics data is stored locally, as everything is fetched directly from Google Analytics using the Data Export API.

Download Releases, bug reports and feature requests for this plug-in is maintained through the our umbraco forums, but you can download the latest release of plug-in using the link below. Version 1.0.7

Click here to go to the project page where you will be able to post bug reports and add feature requests (please note the forum entries at the bottom of the page).


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